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A purpose & impact coach?

blog Jan 09, 2023

I find myself really excited to begin my practice as a life coach. It's a role I feel confident I can be skillful at and also something that feels meaningful and fulfilling for me.

I also find myself resistant, maybe even a little embarrassed, to start introducing myself as a coach. Part of me doesn’t think I’ve earned it yet. Part of me judges it to be somehow indulgent and less credible than other helping professions. Part of me is concerned how others might interpret that label.

I worry that calling myself a coach might for some carry the implication that I have my own life figured out or am someone to be emulated. Some might want a coach to supply them with wisdom, clarity, or vitality like a golf coach might help someone with their swing. First, I definitely do not have it all figured out. But maybe more importantly, my intent is actually to get myself out of the way as much as possible. My role will be to do whatever is needed for you to access the untapped wisdom, clarity, or vitality already within you.

Coaching relationships can also often be quite focused on “success” in a narrow sense: more money, more accolades, fancier job title, more social authority, etc. Some might just want a coach to help them “crush their goals.” Honestly, I don’t care much about that stuff. They may very well come as byproducts of our work together, but they aren’t the goal for me. The goal is for you to better make sense of and navigate our complex, overwhelming, and uncertain world; to find and live the roles that make you feel alive and impactful; and to do so in a way that sustains your health, spirit, and sense of peace.

I’m considering calling myself a “purpose & impact coach.” But the words probably won’t matter all that much. Whatever we call it, the goal won’t be for you to be more like me or anyone else; it will to be radically more yourself. The goal won’t be for you to be more “successful” per se; it will be for you to fall more deeply in love with your life and to serve the greater good in the process.


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